Computer Center


Computer Center
WI-FI Campus

we offer a cutting edge computer center for the benefit of our students. The highlight of this center is the availability of computers and servers of high end configurations, which are crucial for running large software applications and perform any kind of project works. Wi-Fi is used to connect the computer systems of various departments in LAN, and to provide high speed data connectivity of 2Mbps across the campus for the students and staff.

The computer labs are fully aircondiontioned and the students are previliged to have unlimited access round the clock.The laboratories are equipped with structured fibre optic and UTP cabling network and other relevant software.

The Computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.

E-Mail Facility:

Computer Centre is hosted a mail server using Linux squid server with domain name. The staff members have been given user ids to send and receive mails.

Internet Facility lab:

This lab is operated with 120 desktop computers. This is central facility and is available for students and staff members of the college. Internet facility is available through broadband 40 Mbps. This provides single hop access to internet gateway . The LAN is extended to all departments including administrative building using 1 Km long fiber optic back bone.

Documentation Facility:

The Computer Centre also houses the Printers, Scanners etc for the purposes of documentation, printing, scanning and backup.